Fidenti Global Partners

We Work Across Industries and Specialize in Cross Border Mandates

We Often Suggest A Dual Path Strategy as an Effective Method to Drive Capital Formation or Liquidity, and Evaluate a Potential Sale Without Putting a “For Sale” Sign on the Company.

Deep Experience in Technology, Media, and Entertainment

  • BANKING: More than 20 years of research and advisory experience with world class technology companies. We optimized the impact of our mid market sell side focus by taking a strategic advisory approach that goes well beyond what typical bankers are able to provide.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Understanding of how technology transforms industries with expertise in Cloud, Applications, Analytics, IoT, Automotive, Media, Mobile, Communications, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Security.

Advised Leading Growth Companies Across the Globe

  • REACH: We have ongoing conversations with a broad range of investors, financial sponsors, and technology executives around the globe.
  • NETWORK: Throughout our careers as corporate executives we have build a strong network of c-suite and corporate development relationships.

Worked Extensively With Top Strategic Investors

  • KNOWLEDGE: Our operator and financial background gives us the necessary insights to participate in the client’s growth strategies to ensure an optimal outcome.
  • LEVERAGE: In all of our engagements we leverage our combined Wall Street and industry knowledge to assist in growth strategies and prepare for a strategic exit, recapitalization, or capital raise.

Achieved Extraordinary Outcomes for Our Clients

  • OPTIMAL OUTCOME: Results prove the model works. We have realized successful outcomes for our clients because our process combines strategy and transaction.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: The combined operator, Wall Street, and finance expertise of Fidenti Global Partners operates within a disciplined analytical framework.
  • ATTENTION: Our hands on approach expands your senior team and ensures minimal executive process distraction.
Representative Transactions (of the principals)

AdLink Acquires PrismTech

– PrismTech

Zebra Acquires ITR Mobility

– ITR Mobility

Microsoft Acquires APIphany

– APIphany

ADKnowledge Acquires AdParlor

– AdParlor

EMC Acquires Silicium Security

– Silicium Security

Alliance Corporation

– Alliance Corp


– GeneralThings


– SurveyMonkey


– PixelMags


– HB Gary


– Manticore


– Zoomix


– Scientific Monitoring

Fidenti Global Partners

Privileged and Proprietary Access

  • Successful careers as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, board members, and operators.
  • A large network of US investor relationships, both strategic and financial.
  • Silicon Valley technology expertise, hands on experience, and business insights.
  • C-suite relationships in a vast network of North American strategic buyers.
  • In-depth knowledge of the M&A middle market through many successful transactions.
  • A senior team that will support you, the business owner and board, throughout the process.
  • Securities Products and Investment Banking Services offered through a FINRA SIPC member broker/dealer.

A Different Approach to M&A Advisory

Selective Engagements

  We are very selective in our engagements. Our clients get the direct involvement and daily advice from our Sr Partners.

Strategic Positioning

  Our executive experience will be put to work from day one to develop a strong position for your company.

Effective Marketing

  We have strong c-suite relationships across the tech industry, and deep connections in the Private Equity & Venture Capital world.

Global Visibility

  As experienced international executives we can build and successfully execute cross border opportunities for you.

Deal Execution

  We executed a wide range of deals and understand deal dynamics and complexities on both the buy and sell side.

A Different Approach

  Whether advising on financing, strategic investment, or acquisitions our roots are in disruptive growth companies and cross border deals.

Our Team

We are finance and capital formation experts with over 100 years of combined experience having executed transactions in excess of $5B around the globe.

As successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and business professionals we bring extensive financial, operational, and strategic experience to our engagements.

We focus on developing an impactful strategic position for your company designed to maximize enterprise value in preparation of an exit or recapitalization.

The Team